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The "Kennedy House"
Kennedy House veteran shelter

We are looking for individuals or groups to sponsor individual veterans who reside in the Kennedy house.
Financial Support to offset housing costs for each veteran.
Adopt a veteran financially.
A fuel gas card.
A bus voucher.
A financial contribution.
Please click on the DONATE button above. 100% of your donation is tax deductible. Thank you for your donation. For more info contact 866-721-6983

A House Veterans Can Call Home. In 2014, OHOP and Barney Kennedy crossed paths. That meeting turned into a place that could house homeless veterans. A place veterans could call home. An agreement was reached between the Kennedy Family and OHOP to purchase the building. Shortly, after that (5) residents moved in. The Veterans come from different yet similar pasts that bring them together and they have become an extended family.

Now, it is time for OHOP to purchase the home. Our IMMEDIATE need is to raise monies in the amount of $70,000 and continue the work to end homelessness among Veterans. You can help!!  You are the key to our success. Because you know the worth of the work we do, you are the strongest representative. 

The Kennedy Homes is located in the former home of Barney Kennedy, who ran a shoe repair shop in the front of the building for many years, becoming a mainstay on Coolidge Avenue.  Renovations and Improvements to the property have already been seen, as a therapy garden has been planted and worked by the veterans living there, providing some much-needed quality landscaping to Coolidge avenue.


TransCanada presented OHOP with financial support to renovate the much needed Kennedy House kitchen, Thursday Veterans dinner, the Veterans garden and other outreach programs. None of this would be possible without the support of companies, groups, individuals just like you. OHOP is working with Coolidge to locate a facility to help feed the hungry with a much needed, larger Food Pantry in Coolidge. We are always looking for volunteers!!
The Kennedy House before installation of a horseshoe pit by OHOP & CCA volunteers on Saturday, April 16. All agree that this will provide a fun and relaxing place for everyone. Hats off to CCA!!

A New Beginning

Kennedy House reopens with new look

he Coolidge High School Marine Corps JROTC served as the color guard for the reopening of the Kennedy House on Thursday.

Posted: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 1:00 am

After a year of renovations, the Kennedy House on Coolidge Avenue is once again housing veterans in need — this time, so the plan goes, for good.

Even though this is the second time the house has had a ceremony celebrating its opening, enthusiasm remained strong from members of the community that gathered at the newly laid out backyard on Thursday, united in support for a service that is unique in Pinal County.

The house was purchased under favorable terms by the Coolidge-based Open Hands Outreach Program from Barney Kennedy, who had lived in and run a shoe repair shop out of the building. Kennedy moved to Thatcher to live with his family, and decided he wanted to use this as a chance to give back to those who have served.

So OHOP agreed to purchase the house in order to create a place for homeless veterans to have a place to live. When it first opened in 2014, two veteran families moved in after undergoing hardships that found them without anywhere to go.

Meanwhile, OHOP continued pouring money into repairing the house, including major weatherization and utility repair that required significant donations from individuals, businesses and nonprofits. But eventually, the repairs were too invasive to allow people to continue living there. So they vacated the building for a year to finish what needs to be done.

Now, the house is completely up to code, including compatibility with the Americans with Disabilities Act. All that is left to finish is some enhancements in the kitchen, but that can continue while residents live there, so once again the Kennedy House is up and running, with three people now calling it home.

“I like openings, but I also like re-openings, especially when you compare the first version of this to what we have now,” OHOP board president Phil Putnam said. ”What we have now is the real deal.”

During last Thursday’s ceremony, OHOP officials thanked everyone who had put in financial and time contributions to making sure the dream of the Kennedy House stayed alive.

“Open Hands Outreach Program is a small organization, but with all of your support, we have a large outreach,” said OHOP Director Diann Lesueur. ”The Kennedy House used to be a place ... to bring their shoes for repair. Now, the home tries to do the same thing for lives. Thank you, Barney Kennedy, and your family.”

Back in 2014, the first names presented to Lesueur about residence at the Kennedy House were Jerry and Cheryl Stroup. During a networking event, she heard the story of the married couple who had undergone tough financial times and needed a home. She said the house wasn’t quite ready for move-ins. Then she heard they had been living in the desert for nine months, and decided she needed to make do.

“If it wasn’t for the Kennedy House, we wouldn’t be here,” Jerry said. ”We had the opportunity to put a roof over our heads, and that was very, very nice. They told us to stay there until we could get back on our feet. That took a whole year.”

They were able to move out into a home of their own, with a stable financial situation and a new hope for life.

“The advocacy, the support, the caring and encouragement that we were given through all the connections of everybody out there figuring out what they could do, we were blessed,” Cheryl said. ”I told Diann that it felt like we were taken from the pit of hell and placed in paradise. What we were given is the sense of hope that people care.”

The other original resident was a young man who was down on his luck with nowhere to go. While living at the Kennedy House, he was able to get his life organized, secure a job at the local school district and work on buying his own home with the help of his father.

Coolidge Mayor Jon Thompson and Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles also spoke to the crowd about how much of a benefit to the community the Kennedy House provides.

“A lot of times you go to an open house or ribbon cutting, and you come back two years later and it’s no longer there,” Thompson said. ”This is still here, and it looks like it’s only getting better.”

Voyles said he is looking at Coolidge for the site of his department’s veteran court, which brings in experts in rehabilitating veterans who might have problems adjusting to civilian life, because of the level of commitment the city has shown to helping veterans through programs such as the Kennedy House.

“Adult crimes are set up for punishment,” Voyles said. ”But there is one group of people who I know we need to make sure we help, and those are our veterans. Whatever happens while they’re protecting our country, whatever happens psychologically, we have to try to fix it when they come back. ... Y’all are strong here in Coolidge, so when I brought in this diversion program ... you know what I said I wanted to put it? Right here in Coolidge.”

OHOP Treasurer Tom Hunt talked about all the work, especially from volunteers, that had been done over the past year. Most of it went into the bathroom and the interior, as well as the patio, which now features a flagpole with Old Glory waving proud. He said this is the result of a tremendous team spirit.

“We would not be able to do anything we’ve done without all of your support,” Hunt said. ”In Coolidge, once a program gets going, everybody gets on board and makes sure it succeeds.”

The "Kennedy House" (1st pic) The 2nd bathroom project has started.  The plumber was in to jackhammer the trench for installation. Next, we have to get the permits, then the connection for  the sewer lines can be made and the build out done.  If you're interested in volunteering,  contact Tom Hunt (866) 721-6983.

The "Kennedy House" (2nd pic) (Transformation) housing for Veterans.  The existing bedroom is getting a facelift..... You know all of us need a little help every now and then. After the 2nd bathroom installation & build out  is complete and this room ready, Veterans can begin  their Transformation from homeless to a path of stability.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer,  contact Tom Hunt, Operations Manager at (866) 721-6983.  Open Hands Volunteers!!

TransCanada cares about Veterans.  THANK YOU TransCanada for your generous donation. On 5/26/2015 a $2500 check was donated to OHOP.   The monies will be applied to the installation of an ADA bathroom in the Kennedy House. The Kennedy House is transitional housing for homeless Veterans in need or Veterans at risk of loosing their home.

Charity begins in your heart.




If you are interested, in participating or being a sponsor, contact us at   (866) 721-6983.

Veterans receive a 10% discount every third Saturday of the month with I.D. OHOP Store Hours Sat: 9 am - 2 pm.  Open Hands Outreach Community Thrift Store    
204 W. Central Ave. Coolidge, Arizona 85128