Canned Food Drive

National Junior Honor Society collects boxes of goods for local food bank

Posted: Wednesday, February 4, 2015 1:00 am

Helping out the people most in need of assistance takes a team, and in Coolidge that team has grown larger and larger by the week, now including people of all ages and backgrounds.

This could be seen in Azita Dehkordi’s classroom in the Hohokam Middle School building on the Coolidge High School campus. As the adviser of the National Junior Honor Society, Dehkordi was on the lookout for groups in the community that her students could help.

So Dehkordi got in touch with Tom Hunt from the Open Hands Outreach Program, and found out about the food bank that the veterans organization haas begun running out of its offices at 168 Main St. in Coolidge. Hunt expressed that the food bank can always use more food, so the NJHS kids got to helping.

They orchestrated a canned food drive across Hohokam Middle School that brought in over 200 items of perishable goods that were then collected by Hunt to be used in the food bank.

“My plan is to give something positive for the community,” Dehkordi said. “These kids want to help their own community as well.”

Dehkordi said she was very proud of her kids for what they were able to accomplish with this food drive.

“I really wanted to recognize my kids, that what they do does count, no matter what it is,” Dehkordi said. “I intend to do this on a regular basis.”

Hunt himself was very grateful to the middle schoolers’ contributions to OHOP’s goal of getting rid of hunger in Coolidge. The food is distributed to the people who need it the most on the second and fourth Fridays of every month from behind the office building.

“The things that you guys do are very important and very instrumental,” Hunt said. “You have our heartfelt thanks for everything that you did, because it does go back in the community, and the community is well-served.”